Crash Detection System

Crash detection is one of several helpful car safety features insurers like Lemonade include when you drive with your location services enabled. It senses when you’ve been in a car accident and alerts Lemonade that you may need emergency services’

What is Crash Detection System?

Car crash detection is a safety feature that’s available on a safety app or can also be built into your car to help protect you and your loved ones. It’s able to sense when you’ve been in a car accident, either as a driver or passenger, and will quickly notify your insurance company, and could also alert your family members or emergency services Technology!

How does crash detection work? 

Motion sensors in your phone or car sense when you’re in a car accident. A personal safety app might also rely on your GPS, motion sensors, or accelerometer to tell, in real-time, when you’ve come to an abrupt halt or accelerated sharply.

What does car crash detection do? 

The functionality of car crash detection depends on what type you have installed—either as a safety app on your Android or iPhone or built into your car itself. Each app and service have different functionality, but they all work to help you after a car accident.

Crash detection systems, like On-Star, enable a dispatcher to talk to you directly to determine if they should send out emergency services Others, like the Lemonade app, have a dispatcher contact you through a phone call, or via a text. If you fail to respond, they’ll initiate an emergency response.

We hope it’s never relevant for you, but having your exact location available to our team in an emergency could be a game changer for you and your loved ones in the case of an accident.

If you have a young, new driver, knowing that they’re safer on the road probably matters to you. If you drive in rural areas where emergency services might be slow to respond, or difficult to reach, a personal safety app may increase the likelihood of getting help faster.


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