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Smart Express Logistics Solution
Collsam Technology, as a pioneer of smart logistics, is striving to inject new technology and vitality to the modern logistics industry. Smart express logistics solution focus on 3 scenarios and 4 objects in the express work flow, it brings four values to logistics customers, less labor, higher efficiency, higher quality, more security.
Mobile Logistics Vehicle Solution - Warehouse - Collsam

Mobile Logistics Vehicle Solution

According to the data from one research institute, the Cargo capacity will achieve over 93 billion tons by 2026 with GAGR 6.6% growth rate. Road occupies about 70% among 4 transportation method (road, railway, airline and boat), which demonstrate logistics vehicle is a big market. For logistics vehicle stakeholder, theft problem,accident problem and process management problem are key challenges. Collsam propose the logistics vehicle solution to customer to resolve these challenges.
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