According to the data from one research institute, the Cargo capacity will achieve over 93 billion tons by 2026 with GAGR 6.6% growth rate. Road occupies about 70% among 4 transportation method (road, railway, airline and boat), which demonstrate logistics vehicle is a big market. For logistics vehicle stakeholder, theft problem,accident problem and process management problem are key challenges. Collsam propose the logistics vehicle solution to customer to resolve these challenges.

Solution Value1.Less Loss
• Prevention before the event
• Post-event evidences to confirm the cause and to aid insurance claim
2.More Secure
• DSM helps achieve active prevention to decrease accidents
• ADAS helps drivers to drive safely
3.Better Management
• Make driver management and route management much easier
• Keep interaction between vehicle and management center during transportation
• Big data and statistical reports for analysis to improve management

Mobile Logistics Vehicle Solution - Warehouse logistics

Solution Overview

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