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Tribrid Technology HD-CVI, IP, and CCTV all in one

Tribrid Technology is the supreme standalone upgrade solution. If you’re looking to keep up with new technology, then this Tribrid is your answer. If you have installed previous analog systems, and you have great cameras and beautiful cables and power supplies in place.

you have upgraded all of your hard drives, replaced network routers and switches, but you still have your old school analog DVR that is ready to retire.

Well guess what? You can keep your good analog cameras, power supplies, hard drives and network hardware. All you need is the new Tribrid DVR using analog, HDCVI, and IP camera technology. You can now show off your new Tribrid to your friends, family, and business associates by incorporating new HDCVI technology and IP megapixel cameras. If you’re looking to add more cameras or just want to replace exciting cameras with higher resolution units, then the Tribrid will do the job. Setting up the unit is a breeze.

Connecting HDCVI, Analog and IP cameras to the Tribrid

Connecting cameras to a Tribrid DVR can get tricky but has one of the best tech support that will help you the whole way (for free); But if you’re one of those do it yourselves, then here are some simple to follow set up instructions. First, logging in to the system is the same as all of our DVR, NVR, and Hybrid systems. The default username is admin and the password is admin. After logging in, you will encounter the wizard you can just exit out of. From the main menu, go to Camera.

you will see the channel selection (Drop box). You can configure each COMPATIBLE cameras’ saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpness, just remember to save after every modification.

Next is the Encode page where you configure your Compression, Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit Rate, Audio, and sub stream per COMPATIBLE camera.

Now the very important part, the Channel Type page. Here is where it can get a little tricky. The Tribrid’s BNC inputs are defaulted using HDCVI cameras. The adjustment is simple, just switch the channel you have the analog camera connected and enable the analog field.

When connecting and configuring an IP camera, you have to start from the last channel of the Tribrid. For example, if you have a 16 channel Tribrid DVR then you would start adding cameras from channel 16 and down, so the first IP camera you connect and configure will be channel 16. You would copy the same configuration as the HDCVI described previously and still be in the channel type page, and then towards the bottom of the page there is an arrow selecting next page. Go to page 2 and select IP on channel 16 for your first IP camera, 15 would be the 2nd IP camera and so on. Remember, if you have any question or concerns, you can always contact Collsam Security Support Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm Eastern Sunny California time.


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