CBA-WP01GY Wire Connector, 22~14AWG, 100pcs, Grey Color



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CBA-WP01GY 100Pcs Gray Wire Connector Twist-On Terminals Cap Spring 22-14 AWG

  • Benefits of CBA-WP01GY i100 Pack
  • Description of CBA-WP01GY Wire Connectors
  • Quality and Performance
  • Professional Construction
  • Zinc-Coated Inner Spring
  • Polypropylene Shell
  • Application Versatility
  • Connection of Two or More Wires
  • Easy Grip
  • High-Quality Product
  • Maximum Performance



Are you looking for an easy-to-twist, professional-grade wire connector? The CBA-WP01GY has all the features and quality you need for any wiring job. Other connectors may not be able to meet the expectations of skilled professionals and DIYer alike, but the CBA-WP01GY wire Guard twist-on wire connector from CBA can.

The wire connectors that twist on are made with the best materials and ways of making them. This makes sure that each connection with the CBA-WP01GY is as strong and reliable as possible. The Polypropylene shell on the WP01GY features side knurling, which makes it easy to hold and twist into place. Because the inner spring is square, it is easy to attach the wires, which are zinc-coated to resist corrosion.

The CBA-WP01GY is ideal for both professionals and hobbyists. Professional installers can trust that the WP01GY provides long-lasting connections and reliable performance. Meanwhile, DIYer can benefit from the easy installation of the CBA-WP01GY. Thanks to its features, anyone can make a secure connection between 2 or more copper wires in no time.

The CBA-WP01GY is also incredibly versatile. You can use it for various applications, including circuit breakers, appliances, air conditioners, and more. Whether it’s a high-voltage residential project or a low-voltage industrial job, the WP01GY can handle the load.

The CBA-WP01GY is the perfect wire connector for any job. With features like easy installation, world-class performance, and application versatility, it has everything you need to make secure connections fast. So, if you’re looking for the best wire connector, look no further than the WP01GY.



CBA-WP01GY Wire Connector, 22~14AWG, 100pcs, Grey Color Datasheet

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