HD Coaxial License Plate Cameras

Introducing the latest in surveillance technology – the HD Coaxial License Plate Camera. This camera can recognize and read vehicle license plates through optical character recognition. This camera is ideal for law enforcement and security purposes, considering plate variations from country to country.

Accurate and detailed images of license plates are one of the main advantages of the HD Coaxial License Plate Camera. This makes it an essential tool for law enforcement agencies, as it can provide crucial evidence in criminal investigations. It is a reliable source of information for identifying vehicles because of the high-definition resolution of the camera.

But it’s not just about reading license plates – this camera goes beyond that. It records important information like when cars arrive and leave, and keeps an eye on the surrounding area. This makes it a valuable tool for monitoring parking lots, tollgates, and other high-traffic areas. Security workers can use this information to better control the flow of vehicles in a certain area.

The HD Coaxial License Plate Camera is capable of creating a disallowed list or allowed list for VIPs or visitors who are not welcome. Authorities can be notified when a vehicle enters the area by the camera. An allowed list for high-profile individuals, on the other hand, can be established, facilitating their entry without any obstacles.

What makes this camera even more impressive is its ability to control gate barriers and dynamic signage. The camera can automatically open or close gate barriers for vehicles that have been approved or blocked. It can also trigger dynamic signage to display personalized messages for VIPs or provide warnings for unauthorized vehicles. This not only enhances security but also improves the overall experience for guests and visitors.

The HD Coaxial License Plate Camera is a powerful and versatile tool that can help police and keep people safe. It can read and record license plates, capture data, and control gate barriers and dynamic signage. With this camera, you can ensure the safety of your premises and guests, while also staying ahead of potential threats.