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  • RG59 BNC Plug Crimp-on connector (CN-TB1104)

    • CN-TB1104 coupling mechanism provides positive, quick mating and un-mating
    • 50 and 75 ohm impedance designs allow customers to match impedance to system requirements
    • Connectors are available for military, industrial and commercial applications
    • Designs available for common RG59 BNC coaxial cable types
    • BNC male configurations


    CN TB1104
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  • CN-FB1616 F Connector RG6 Male Type Compression Connector

    • Impedance:75 ohm
    • Frequency Range: 0~3Ghz
    • VSWR: Straight type ≦ 1.2max / R/A type ≦ 1.3max
    • Withstanding Voltage: 500 V RMS
    • Working Voltage: 170 V RMS


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  • CN-FB1606Z RG6 Male F-connector Zinc Alloy Plated Twist-on type



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  • CN-FB1106C is a Gold Plated Twist-on F connectors are an economical solution that requires no termination tool. Twist-on connectors are designed for indoor coax terminations for standard video and other RF applications. These connectors offer a threaded design and a knurled body for easy twisting.

    • Designed for use with RG-59 coaxial cable
    • Reusable, can be removed and reused
    • Industry standard 1/4 in. × 1/4 in. cable preparation
    • Center conductor range: all
    • Dielectric diameter range: 0.175 in. to 0.183 in.
    • Outer jacket diameter range: 0.254 in. to 0.278 in.
    • Designed for 75 Ω coaxial cables
    • 7/16 in. diameter with 3/8-32 thread


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  • CN-CT-F-Copuler F Connector Female Coupler

    • F Female to Female Coupler021
    • 75 Ohm
    • Gold-plated
    • Ideal for connecting 2 F-Pin cables, and extending the connection of a cable box, TV, satellite receiver, VCR, cable modem, off-air antenna or other digital audio/video component. Each connector comes individually packaged to guard against scratches.
    • Coaxial Cable Extension
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  • CBA-WP01GY 100Pcs Gray Wire Connector Twist-On Terminals Cap Spring 22-14 AWG

    • Gray Connectors
    • Hight: 15.2 mm
    • Width: 8.6 mm
    • Inside Diameter: 6.5 mm
    • Wire Range: 22-14 AWG


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