Dahua’s LincX2PRO series is made up of a video doorbellDahua’s LincX2PRO series is made up of a video doorbell (DHI-DB11), mini camera (IPC-C26EN) and floodlight camera (IPC-L26N), all of which can be operated using Dahua’s DMSS app. An excellent addition to residential and small business installations, this suite of products integrates with Alexa® for even greater ease of use. The LincX2PRO line records directly to an SD card, NVR, or DVR.

Jennifer Hackenburg, senior product marketing manager for Dahua Technology USA, commented on the upside of avoiding cloud storage: “You don’t have to worry about whose looking at your live feeds, or who’s accessing your data without your permission. And installation is simple: use the DMSS app to set up your Wi-Fi device, search for the camera on the recorder, and add the device.”

The Dahua LincX2PRO mini camera offers 1080p resolution, customizable dual LED lights, and two-way audio that lets users communicate with both welcome and unwelcome visitors. Its Passive Infrared (PIR) and motion detector identifies moving objects and can detect and filter out false alarms for higher efficiency, fewer false alarms, and reduced storage requirements. These components also support the built-in, remote-triggered, 110-decibel siren that deters intruders.

The LincX2PRO video doorbell also provides 1080p resolution, PIR, and two-way audio. It is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above, as well as Android 3.2 and above. Unlike other video doorbells, there is no monthly subscription fee, and video is recorded onto a SD card inside the device or to a Dahua recorder. With night vision up to sixteen feet and a 140-degree angle of view, the doorbell automatically sends a notification to the user’s phone when someone approaches. The built-in microphone and speaker make it easy to communicate with guests before opening the door.

Rounding out the solution is the floodlight camera, which incorporates 1080p video and H.265 technology, saving up to 50 percent on bandwidth and storage. Built-in, 2000-Lumen LEDs, two-way audio, and a 110-decibel siren make for a formidable intrusion deterrent.

“The ability to easily integrate these products into an existing system – or to use them as an out-of-the-box smart home solution – gives users greater flexibility. Users have greater freedom, as well, without a monthly subscription fee or cloud storage to worry about,” Hackenburg commented. “You can keep your data as long as you want it, at no additional cost.”

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