CB-AL2-A-WH  Bulk 22-4 Solid Conductor Alarm Control Cable 1000ft Fire – Security Burglar Station Wire Security (Un-shielded), 22-4, Solid, 1000ft. 


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CB-AL2-A-WH 1000ft (304.8 m) Alarm Cable 22 AWG 2 Pair

  • Four CCA -conductor round solid station wire.
  • Pull-Out Box for easy installation.
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket with Rip cord.
  • Sequential feet marking every two feet.
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CB-AL2-A-WH 22AWG 2 Conductors 1000 ft (304.8 m) Alarm Wire 22 AWG 2 Pair Security Cable Alarm Bulk Cable White

CB-AL2-A-WH 22/2 Stranded Alarm Copper Cable Fire and Security Burglar Station is the perfect solution for your indoor security remote control, sound system, and intercom needs, and suitable for both residential and institutional buildings. It provides reliable connections for important security system components like motion sensors, window and door contacts, and other non-powered alarm devices. Its 7 strand bare copper conductors ensure superior performance to provide you greater peace of mind for any burglar alarm system. With all the features you require for any security wiring job, this Collsam cable is a great way to get quality bare copper wire at an affordable price.

The Stranded Copper Alarm System Wire You Need

Whether you need to protect your home or office, one fact remains constant: you require a security system you can trust. That means not only an effective burglar alarm device, but quality wiring to connect every vital component of that system. Fortunately, Collsam provides the wiring products you need to ensure that your home or commercial building has the security you need to safeguard people and property. This CB-AL2-A-WH stranded copper alarm system wire is the ideal choice for your security needs, offering the reliable quality Collsam customers have come to expect.

The Stranded Copper Alarm System Wire Features You Deserve

Collsam’s CB-AL2-A-WH 22/2 Stranded Copper Alarm Cable Fire and Security Burglar Station has the features your alarm system needs to operate at peak efficiency. With 7 strand bare copper conductors for improved performance, you can rely on this wire to consistently connect your critical alarm devices for years to come. Installation is easy, thanks to the cable’s PVC jacket, rip cord, and sequential foot markings for easy measurement during any install. In addition, this wire comes in a pull-out box that ensures tangle-free pulls every time.

Features include:

  • Pull-Out Box for easy installation
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket with Rip cord
  • Sequential feet marking every two feet
  • Tangle free wire pulls
  • High quality solid bare copper at an affordable price
  • Stranded copper wire with 7 strand bare copper connectors, offering excellent performance, DC resistance, and flexibility
  • Available Length: 1000 ft (304.8 m).
  • Color: white
  • Control Security Burglar Alarm Wire. This wire is suitable for alarm security systems and other low voltage electrical hookup applications. It can be used to connect door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, keypads, and other hardwired accessories to your alarm panels. Delivered in a secure pull-out box packaging for easy handling and use.
  • Applications include: Ideal for Indoor Remote Control of Security, Intercom, and Sound Systems in Institutional Buildings and Residential Use.

When judging gauge, it is important to recognize that lower gauges indicate thicker cables. For example, 14 gauge is thicker cable than 16 gauge. As a rule, thicker cables do a better job guarding against signal loss. Collsam uses cables with the highest available strands to ensure maximum performance for its cable products.




CB-AL2-A-WH 22AWG 2 Conductors 1000 ft (304.8 m) Alarm Wire 22 AWG 2 Pair Security Cable Alarm Bulk Cable White Datasheet

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