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Discontinued IPPOWER-NVS-1040 4CH Stand-Alone Network Video Recordingorder for IP CameraIP POWER-NVS-1040 4CH Stand-Alone Network Video Recordingorder for IP Camera


  • Linux embedded – the safer solution against PC crashes and virus
  • One-click setup for more than 70 brands of IP cameras
  • 4 CH real time @1080p live display
  • Free from router settings for web/mobile viewing
  • Point of Sale (POS) *1
  • Alarm source for IP POWER Central Management System
  • RAID 0,1 for maximum capacity or data protection
  • Supports megapixel cameras and H.264 compression format
  • Camera I/O integration
  • Real-time digital output, Email alert, and push notification on mobile
  • NTP server synchronization
  • Compatible with touch panel *2
  • Support 82 brands of IP cameras and 2000 models *3 (with free monthly update)



  • Supports Stream Profile for remote live view bandwidth control (Original / 300 kbps / 100 kbps)
  • Supports mobile client for iPhone / iPad / Android *4
  • Up to 128 CH remote live view with multiple monitors



  • Web-based configuration, live viewer, playback (Recommend on IE 8 and later)
  • Online GUI recording schedule
  • Panorama 360° PTZ (ImmerVision® and VIVOTEK® fisheye)
  • Generic dewarp (fisheye)
  • Digital PTZ and multi-view
  • Support joystick for easier camera control
  • Playback with 5 types of intelligent event search
  • E-map with indicator
  • Digital watermark


4CH stand-alone Network Video Recorder for IP camera IP POWER-NVS-1040

IP Power NVS-1040 is a Linux-embedded stand-alone system, providing a stable and good quality local display through HDMI or VGA interface. As a network-based surveillance system, NVS-1040 processes remote access ability to strengthen its usability.
NVS-1040 is compatible with more than 70 brands of IP cameras, with monthly free pack updates. It features two useful functions, a one-click setup and an easy config. One-click setup saves time in camera configuration by searching and automatically adding cameras to the system. Easy configuration facilitates the process of establishing Internet access to the IP POWER system, meaning there are no more router settings for remote (IE 8 and later) and mobile viewing (iPhone, iPad, Android).
Being consistent with all the systems in IP POWER PC Based family, NVS-1040 is compatible with IP POWER Central Management System, making it appropriate not only for home or SMB recording but also for chain stores or ATMs/bank projects by POS support.

Recording ServerRecording Server is a NAS-based server that receives the streams from cameras.

  • Streams and records live video and audio from the camera
  • Embedded Linux for high stability, more secure against virus attacks
  • Supports RAID 0, 1 for a maximum capacity of data protection
Local OperatorLocal Operator is the operating system to provide a stable and good quality local display through HDMI or VGA interface. Users can connect a monitor with NVS-1040 to:

  • Monitor live videos or playback recorded videos with high decoding capacity 120fps @1080p or 240fps @720p
  • Save snapshot or backup videos
  • Configure the system by remote control, mouse, and keyboard

There are 4 output resolutions supported in the system: 1920×1080, 1280×1024, 1280×720, 1024×768. Please check the spec sheet for more details about the local display.

Web Viewer (Client)Web Viewer is the client to ask recording data from Recording Server. Remotely, users can connect to the recording server via web viewer (Internet Explorer) to:

  • Configure the system
  • Monitor live videos (up to 64 channels), and duplicate channel display with digital PTZ
  • Multiple cameras stream to display
  • Playback recorded videos (up to 16 channels)

Web viewer logs in to the Recording Server via 4 different user groups: administrator, power user, user, and guest. Each user group has its own distinctive privilege in system configuration, live view camera, and playback camera.

Remote Live Viewer (Client)Remote Live Viewer application is used to monitor multiple IP POWER servers from IP POWER PC Based family simultaneously, featuring PTZ control, E-map, and I/O panel. Dual monitor supports up to 128 channels, with 64 channels per monitor.
Remote Playback System (Client)The remote Playback application can play up to 16 channels of recording from any one of the servers in IP POWER PC Based family simultaneously.
Remote Backup SystemThe remote Backup application can be used to backup recording videos and POS transactions remotely from NVS-1040.



IP POWER-NVS-1040 4CH Stand-Alone Network Video Recordingorder for IP Camera Datasheet



IP POWER-NVS-1040 4CH Stand-Alone Network Video Recordingorder for IP Camera Brochure


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