N45EJN2 4MP Night Color 2.0 Network Eyeball Camera
N45EJN2 4MP Night Color 2.0 Network Eyeball Camera Dimensions




N45EJN2 4MP Outdoor ePoE Night Color 2.0 Network Turret Camera

  • 1/1.8-in. 4 MP Progressive-scan CMOS Sensor
  • Triple-stream Encoding
  • AI Coding, Smart H.265+ and Smart H.264+ Video Compression
  • 4 MP (2688 × 1520) at 30 fps, 2.8 mm Fixed Lens
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range (140 dB)
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Analytics+ Functions — People Counting, Perimeter Protection, Smart Motion Detection+, and Face Detection
  • Night Color Technology with White-light LEDs for Color Images in Total Darkness
  • Enhanced Power and Data Transmission Distances (ePoE)
  • ArcticPro Series Camera – Operational down to –40° C (–40° F)
  • IP67 Ingress Protection
  • 5-year Warranty





N45EJN2 4MP Night Color 2.0 Network Eyeball Camera Datasheet

Quick Start Guide


N45EJN2 4MP Night Color 2.0 Network Eyeball Camera Quick Start Guide

Operation Manual


N45EJN2 4MP Night Color 2.0 Network Eyeball Camera Operations Manual


N45EJN2 4MP Night Color 2.0 Network Eyeball Camera (1/1.8-in. Sensor)

The Dahua N45EJN24 MP Night Color 2.0 ePoE camera offers Analytics+ functions at the edge – performing complex real-time perimeter protection surveillance, Smart Motion Detection, and face detection. The Dahua Analytics+ algorithms significantly improve accuracy and reliability as compared to standard intelligent features. The camera is ideal for a host of diverse applications — Night Color Technology and Ultra Wide Dynamic Range allow the camera to operate in any lighting condition, and the IP67 rating makes the camera suitable for the harshest environments. WizMind Series N45EJN2 offer the full complement of Dahua Analytics+ functions for comprehensive, human-oriented analytic solutions. WizMind Series products deliver perimeter protection, vehicle and crowd density statistics, video metadata, and advanced people counting with heat map functionality. WizMind is ideal for complex applications with demanding requirements that need advanced analytic capabilities. 


Perimeter Protection

Dahua Analytics+ includes Tripwire and Intrusion functions that offer custom tripwires based on object type for automation in limited access areas. Perimeter Protection requires fewer pixels to detect an object to deliver improved accuracy and decreased false alarms due to lights, weather, trees, or animals.

People Counting

The camera uses complex real-time people counting algorithms to deliver accurate flow statistics from two distinct people counting functions, Line Crossing and Regional. The line crossing function counts the number of people crossing a defined line, and the regional function counts the number of people in a distinct, user-defined area. People counting is ideal for measuring the number of customers entering or exiting a location, and to monitor groups of people in a distinct location.

Smart Motion Detection+

Smart Motion Detection+, a component of Dahua’s Analytics+ technology, improves alarm accuracy and decreases the number of false alarms. The advanced SMD+ algorithm analyzes a scene for human or vehicle motion, while filtering out other motion due to trees, leaves, animals, weather, and triggers an alarm when detected. SMD+ also saves time when searching recorded video by filtering false alarms and allowing quick retrieval of an alarm due to a person or vehicle.

Night Color Technology

The Night Color camera incorporates white-light LEDs to offer full-color images in total darkness, as well as an effective visual deterrent. This technology provides smart illumination, where the camera automatically activates the white-light illuminators when ambient light levels fall and adjusts exposure time and LED intensity to prevent overexposing the image.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6.10 × 5.31 in

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