CB-A1650 – 50ft High Performance 16AWG Speaker Wire


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CB-A1650 – 50ft (15.24 m) High Performance 16AWG Speaker Wire

  • 16 gauge speaker wire
  • 99% pure copper stranded conductors
  • Clear, flexible PVC jacket
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CB-A1650 Speaker Wire Copper Cable 50 ft (15.24 m) Spool, 16 AW

  • CLEAR HIGHS AND DEEPER BASS: You deserve a home theater, streaming, or gaming setup that will help you maximize its audiovisual potential. The Monster Compact High Performance CB-A1650 Speaker Wires are made to connect your audio stereo to your sound system to make sure your systems are able to deliver excellent sound quality with each use.
  • INSTALLATION WITHOUT THE RISKS: When it comes to DIY installations, you need to make sure you have the proper materials to get the best of your setup while at the same time avoiding possible hazards. The Monster CB-A1650 Speaker Wire Copper Cable Spool offers enough resistance and electrical flow because of the gauge thickness, but does so without the risk of overheating.
  • CONVENIENT FOR DIY USE: The spool’s copper wiring and plastic jacket can be easily cut to your needed specifications. In case the plastic insulation is stripped, you may choose to leave the wire bare or use wire crimp tools to continue connecting to your audio systems.
  • UNDISTORTED SOUND SIGNALS: Our Monster speaker wire spool is protected by a plastic jacket which insulates the copper wiring inside, as well as aid in delivering undistorted signals in between audio equipment
  • NEATLY SPOOLED FOR EASY DISPENSING: As an extra convenience when you’re doing DIY installations, this lengthy copper wiring is neatly spooled for convenient dispensing. It also features a polarity mark which helps in setting up your audio system.

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CB-A1650 – 50ft High Performance 16AWG Speaker Wire Data Sheet

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